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So you've decided you're going to change something about your life. Maybe you're going to get fitter, or healthier, or lose some weight, or work on some other personal goal. However, most of these resolutions end up failing. As James Clear says in Atomic Habits,
"You do not rise to the level of your goals: You fall to the level of your systems."
– James Clear, Atomic Habits
Changing your life means creating new habits — Whether it's drinking more water, going for a run every day, or anything else that's going to result in lasting positive change in your life.


Behavior patterns that haven't been working for you are habits, too.
To create a new habit...

You Need a Habit Tracker

The concept is simple: Mark off every time you perform your habit. Over time, it builds up to a new identity, and a permanent habit. Go out for a run enough times, and you're a runner.
A habit tracker is not going to do the work for you. It's just a tool. But the right tracker used the right way is powerful.
There are lots of habit trackers out there, and they share some common pitfalls.

We can do better

What if there was a habit tracker that was...
Simple, with zero electronics
Simple, with zero electronics
Private by design
Private by design
DIY & open source
DIY & open source
Flexible enough to track any timespan
Flexible enough to track any timespan
Focused so you can only track one habit at a time
Focused so you can only track one habit at a time
Portable & waterproof
Portable & waterproof
Tactile enough so you can monitor and update it by touch alone
Tactile enough so you can monitor and update it by touch alone

Make Your Habit Stick:

Take a pencil
Chop off the end. Round it off so it doesn't poke you.
Make a line halfway down the middle. One side is "pending", one side is "done".
Slide some O-rings onto the "pending" side, as many as you aim to execute in the period you're tracking. Cherry MX O-rings work well. You can also group them by day.
You've got yourself a Habit Stick.
Whenever you perform your habit, slide an O-ring to the "done" side.
Carry it around in your pocket. Fidget with it.
Let it remind you of your intent and your progress.
It's as simple that.
Of course, we do have some tips for you:

Yes, we can
make you a fancy one

"We", by the way, are ZSA Technology Labs.
We make ergonomic keyboards that help people, and we can also create some pretty great Habit Sticks.
You don't need an all-metal Habit Stick. A pencil works just fine. If you do want one, though, here's what it might look like:
I Want One